• Chumareswar Waterfall
  • Bhira Gumar Waterfalls
  • District Head Quarter Hospital
  • Podagada Hill Range
  • Rural Mondei
  • Maa Pendrani
  • The Land of Maize
Public Information
1220946 Population
10 Blocks
10 Tahasil
887 Villages
2 ULBs
Dr Kamal Lochan Mishra, IAS
Dr Kamal Lochan Mishra, IAS
Collector & District Magistrate
Sri Rohit Verma, IPS
Sri Rohit Verma, IPS
Superintendent of Police

District at a Glance

Situated in the greeneries of south-western Orissa, Nabarangpur District is a very spectacular District, functioning since 02.10.1992 (State Government Notification No.DRC- (44/93/14218/R). Prior to that, it was a vast sub-division of the erstwhile Koraput District. Its boundary stretches in the north to Raipur and west to Bastar Districts of Chhatisgarh. The east side of Nabarangpur touches…

Geographic Location

Area : 5294.00 Sq. Km.